‘Find Your Disney Side’ Disneybounding is Disney Parks 2014 Campaign (Speculation)

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'Find Your Disney Side' Disney Parks CampaignJust earlier today, we shared news of several domain registrations and awareness that Disney Parks and Resorts was potentially introducing a new campaign called ‘Disney Side’ thanks to domain registrations such as disneyside.com (which currently links to the Disney Parks website), mydisneyside.net, showmydisneyside.com, showyourdisneyside.com and miladodisney.com.

While we initially had some speculation (just for fun) that this may have been tied to a Star Was promotion, further investigation has linked it to an upcoming campaign fully titled ‘Find Your Disney Side.’

'Find Your Disney Side' WoodyWe found these images belonging to Allison Miller, an art director whose portfolio includes print and video assets from several big corporate clients, including Disney Parks. Featured are two print ads which appear to be Disney fans participating in a cult(ural) phenomena known as Disneybounding – the art of combining off-the-rack clothing to represent a Disney character (such as Minnie Mouse or Woody, as seen here).

The advertisements read: ‘Find Your Disney Side. Everyone has one. So this year, let loose, come play and bring out the fun in your family at the place where dreams come true. It all begins at DisneyParks.com.’

For the past few years, Stitch Kingdom has accurately reported the Disney Parks’ annual campaigns weeks and often months before their official announcement including promotions such as ‘Let the Memories Begin,’ ‘One More Disney Day,’ and ‘Disney Time’ (‘Limited Time Magic’). ‘Find Your Disney Side,’ however, has yet to be officially announced, so this should be considered pure speculation at his point.